Sherbet Blend

Sherbet Blend

Sherbet Blend

🏷️ Oversized L.A. Crop T-Shirt

For any sporty streetwear aesthetic, this t-shirt is a go-to! An oversized fit still looks flattering with a slightly cropped length allowing you to pair this top with comfy sweats or baggy jeans. Top it with a cap to complete the look!

➰ Colour(s): Grey, Light Blue, White


🏷️ Sweetheart Bootcut Slacks

For those who have been looking for your new favourite pair of pants! Easy to style and wear, these slacks are for the days when you don’t feel like wearing jeans and want to elevate your look. The flares are not only comfortable around the ankle, but also add flair as they drape gorgeously!

➰ Colour(s): Beige, Pink, Black

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