Misty Daydream

Misty Daydream

Misty Daydream

​​🏷️ System Embroidered Hoodie 

An oversized hoodie is the way to go for a comfy outfit! This perfectly fitting hoodie is the perfect fit for the chilly days. With a simple text embroidery to add something extra to your outfit, this hoodie is great just to throw on.

➰ Colour(s): Light Grey, Black, Oat


​​🏷️ Contrast Stitch Baggy Jeans

These jeans are the perfect wash this fall and winter season! Opt for something a little different with these baggy jeans that may seem so minimal but with it’s contrast stitching adds just enough to elevate any look. A high-waisted and loose-leg fit like this is the way to go for a stylish outfit!

➰ Colour(s): Blue, Black

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