Sweet & Sporty

Sweet & Sporty

Sweet & Sporty

🏷️ Round Neck Drop Shoulder Crewneck 

Go minimal with this light sweatshirt that’s the perfect thickness for layering! It’s drop shoulder and crewneck design creates an oversized fit that’s the best street style look. With vibrant colours or neutrals to choose from, this top is an essential for the season!

➰ Colour(s): Grey, Blue, Green, Black


🏷️ Velvety Waistband Pants

Comfy pants are a must no matter the season, and here’s one with an elasticated waistband that matches the fall mood perfectly. A velvety fabric with pleated details upgrade basic pants into something alot more trendy! 

➰ Colour(s): Charcoal, Black


🏷️ Tennis Club Embroidered Cap

Here’s a baseball cap to style with a sporty look for a day out! A fun embroidered print to add some fun to a solid colour cap.  Plus a clasp strap to simply adjust the cap to any size.  

➰ Colour(s): Green, Navy, White

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