Cool Girl Crochet

Cool Girl Crochet

Cool Girl Crochet

 🏷️ Crochet Long Sleeve Knit

Featuring colour: Purple

We love the details on this knit top! What looks like a plain ribbed knit at a glance, actually has intricate crochet-like details all over. Being a thinner, lightweight fabric, we recommend wearing it as a simple top tucked into pants or skirts.


🏷️ Banding Wide Jeans - Black


Anyone looking for a wide fit jeans that just yells out K-Fashion? Here’s a pair of jeans that accentuates both your waistline and your legs! This wide leg cut is not only flattering but super comfortable with the elastic band at the waistline. Plus the pleated front detail adds something extra to these vintage-wash jeans. 

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