Cherry Chocolate

Cherry Chocolate

Cherry Chocolate

🏷️ Daily Ribbed Long-Sleeved Knit

The first step to layering is a warm, long-sleeved knit! This basic essential piece is a must-have in your wardrobe to wear under sweaters, shirts or vests, and camis. You’ll always find a reason to wear them when you have them handy. 

➰ Colour(s): Beige, Navy, Brown, Orange, Ivory


🏷️ Classic Wide-Leg Jeans

A simple yet modern pair of jeans to style with any look! A light and comfy pair of everyday jeans, these fall loosely to create a fit that elongates your legs. These high-waisted pair of jeans have all the classic details for a minimalistic approach. 

➰ Colour(s): Black, Brown, Ivory


🏷️ Houndstooth Knit Scarf

Keep things classy with a houndstooth pattern! A stylistic scarf that adds a chic look to your outfit while giving you all the coziness in the cold. 

➰ Colour(s): Green, Beige, Orange

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