Milky Colour Mood

Milky Colour Mood

Milky Colour Mood

🏷️ Modern Paris T-Shirt

Here’s a minimal print t-shirt that works with any outfit! It’s soft and comfortable material combined with a slightly oversized fit is a must when we are on-the-go. Style with a pair of jeans, blazers, anything! for an effortless chic mood.

➰ Colour(s): White, Beige, Blue


🏷️ Earl Grey Straight Jeans

You’ve seen blue, black and beige jeans, but how about GREY jeans? A unique colour to freshen up your wardrobe, these milky-grey jeans come in a relaxed straight fit and a high-waist to keep your outfit looking effortlessly cool and different. These jeans fit seamlessly with a variety of different styles and feel comfortable all day.  

➰ Colour(s): Grey


🏷️ Crescent Hair Claw

Create different hairstyles with this unique-shaped hair claw. Comes in silver or gold to suit you and your look!

➰ Colour(s): Silver, Gold

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