Cutesy High Teen

Cutesy High Teen

Cutesy High Teen

🏷️ Oversized Pup Embroidered T-Shirt

Here’s a fun and cute t-shirt for the summer time! With a cute embroidery bear and muted colours, this t-shirt is perfect for any youthful outfit without looking plain and simple. These oversized shirts are also an easy way to add colour to your wardrobe for this summer. 

➰ Colour(s): Cream, Lavender, Light Blue, Navy

🏷️ Pleated Tennis Skirt

You have asked for a tennis skirt so here is one that can be styled with anything! Pleated tennis skirts should always be there for any trendy closet. We’ve got the most basic neutral colours, so go crazy with your outfits with your new favourite basic piece.

➰ Colour(s): Black, Charcoal

🏷️ Classic Bucket Hat

Enjoy the sun while staying protected and looking cute with this bucket hat. Comes in solid colours for a quick and effortless styling option. 

➰ Colour(s): Beige, Black, Light Blue, Ivory


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