Lavender Dreams

Lavender Dreams

Lavender Dreams

🏷️ Retro Button-Down Shirt

Once you start to wear oversized shirts, you can’t go back! This soft collared long shirt gives you the freedom to either wear unbuttoned as an outer piece with a thinner shirt inside, or buttoned up and tucked in the traditional way with some eye-catching colours.

➰ Colour(s): Blue, Purple


🏷️ Classic Argyle Vest

Here’s an item that combines the trend of knit vests & classic argyle patterns to add contrast to your outfit for a preppy look. Pair with a collared blouse to fit the vibe of the preppy-fav argyle pattern!

➰ Colour(s): Black, Beige, Purple, Light Blue, Ivory


🏷️ High Cut Midi Denim Skirt

A denim skirt with a midi cut makes your outfit look more sophisticated yet suitable for any casual day. Featuring a high slit at the back will make sure you can move around in this skirt, and keep your outfit looking anything but simple!

➰ Colour(s): Black, Beige

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