Too Cool for School

Too Cool for School

Too Cool for School

🏷️ Accent Collar Cropped Blouse

A blouse can make any outfit look classy and put-together, so here’s one that does more than that. The K-Fashion-trendy bold collar and cropped length, will make your look youthful, cute, and stylish! 

➰ Colour(s): Black, White 


🏷️ Pleated Tennis Skirt

You have asked for a tennis skirt so here is one that can be styled with anything! Pleated tennis skirts should always be there for any trendy closet. We’ve got the most basic neutral colours, so go crazy with your outfits with your new favourite basic piece.

➰ Colour(s): Black, Charcoal


🏷️ Button Belt Blazer

A boxy-fit blazer with a unique button enclosure belt to shape the waistline. This extra design  added elevates your typical blazer and gives a modern and forward look. It’s perfect to style for your next job interview or presentation day!

➰ Colours: Black, Charcoal

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