About Us

Say Hello To K-Fashion in New Zealand.

As the interest in South Korea is growing globally, so it did for Kiwis as well. Korean culture, beauty, lifestyle, and fashion was making an impact on New Zealand consumers. The founders of HIKOCO, the largest K-Beauty store in New Zealand, have seen this trend and moved out of their comfort zone.

Reaching outside beauty products, UNIT D was built to import the latest trending Korean fashion items since 2021. Our mission is to stick to the most current hot clothing trends in South Korea to meet the wants and needs of our customers shopping at UNIT D. To fulfil this mission, new arrivals are uploaded seven days a week embracing numerous styles. Under the same operating system as the sister brand HIKOCO, we aim to deliver the same quality of customer service, high standards in choosing our products, reasonable prices, and fast national shipping.

Our team strives to search for and to listen to opinions about the latest fashion in-things, and stock them ASAP when requested. Feel free to hit us up at hi@unitd.co.nz if you have any product suggestions, restock requests, or even just simple questions regarding our products. We’ll be back tomorrow with more exciting new arrivals!